You love handbags...

    1. Select a Base bag in one of our four sizes

    Base bags come with a set of basic handles and hardware.

    2. Choose a Face (shell/cover)

    Select a Face—or two!—to fashionably cover your Base bag. Give in to the urge to try something new!

    3. Complete your bag with stylish handles

    Upgrade your handles and hardware to one of our premiums for real flair. The possibilities are sheer endless - making your bag unique!

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Your Custom Style

Create a look that is uniquely yours.







Choose a Base

What’s “your” Miche style – Prima, Classic, Demi, or Petite? Choose a basic shape. Put in your keys, purse, cell phone, etc. and enjoy the feeling of never having to repack.



Select a Face

It’s a very simple process to “undress” your Miche handbag and then “dress” it again. Which of the many fashionable covers best matches your look today? And thanks to the patented magnetic closure, you can have it right in place just moments after picking it out. Even handles and other accessories can be exchanged in seconds.



Hardware & handles

Expect to be asked about it! Not only because you will look simply fabulous with every one of your Miche handbags. No – you’ll find it hard to avoid showing off the way this unique and ever new bag works!